You came

The maybe generation
The why me contemplation
I started loving again
This boy in my brain
I imagined him pure enough to drown me indeed
Drown me in affection, allow me to breathe
long before my days on the earth I felt it
Demonstrating a feeling I knew I held in
My flower caged in its selfless freedom
My heart bled for you in profound wisdom
It said I thought you were different
The only difference was in our distance
You dug me up only to dig in me deeper
I left my heart inside the soul of a ripper
Ofcourse you were beautiful
Untouched and innocent, unfathomable
A man in your own right
A wolf in your own might
A kite that let me be
From a love that couldn’t set me free
Consumed by the corpse of our promising history
When I met you I loved you only but casually
The God in me is now known and brutally exposed
I’m still a wonder in the wilderness, I’m still that black rose



When you leak let your soul reverberate

Speak to demonstrate a love that resonates

Conversate with your inner state

Knowing oneself can conjure hate


Known flaws don’t define creation

They cloud and cripple the imagination

You believe you’re incapable of pure revelation

Let me tell you son, the damaged being is the most profound manifestation


I’m leaking so let me speak from my pores

So many times I’ve opened hearts and shut my doors

So many moments I have loved through defining laws

So few are days where I healed my own sores


I am raw I am stripped of my rotting  bandage

I am naked in my wild I am known to be savage

Held and tortured by my own I am ravaged

No more of this clone, I swear I can manage


I can manage the moon as I walk I leave a dent

A dent, an eclipse is more of what I meant

My love will be written on scrolls and honoured in monuments

It only took a soul one so very fervent


I’m comforting my demon

I made him growl last night

We hurt each other for no particular reason

As thick as thieves, an honourable knight

His black blood on those rusty chains

Why do I sympathize, why do I stay

My hopes seem dead, a thought remains

I feel him licking my breath every subtle day

My third self, a loathed artefact

My brain is old a decaying fossil

Yet he is my bind in all his acts

Benevolent  he keeps his teeth behind a muzzle

Manipulation is key in our relation

There’s a game for two, I hide he seeks

Be warned a devil labyrinth is quite the sensation

I feel his claws damned as a freak

Crawling up my spine, a fetish abuse

He lived, he lived for the life in reverse

So I find myself asking if running is of good use

What conjures such monsters, such vile a curse

Why does he love me so, in my head he resides

Severed emotions, what a selfless deed

He bows before me but I’m the one to abide

Carcass inside me, the black raven feeds.


We find ourselves in conquest

Half measures curse the subject

Just crude enough to waver

You only relish moments we savour

Human strength from her pure core

Signals of truths , we hide we abhor

The predator is ready, punctual and  agile

Prey before the maker, prey becomes fragile

Languishing at the mercy of all you others

Take back your throne the morals of our mother’s

Everything I spoke, you let it speak

Now that I’m here my success suddenly reeks

I  hold a person to find them brittle

Their minds are ticking suitable and fickle

Your bones your china I held with care

To find another person, the beginning finds you rare

How many more people are there in a person

How less a blessing is the next lesson

Sharing vain lives is a means to an end

Quick decline, the life you are in haste to lend


Revisited a shattered room
Demise does them apart
Said Rumi was born noon
Never one for the latest cut
Back to me a trilogy
Current sequel leading in
Began a work in autonomy
Bet you thought I wouldn’t win
I stayed on it like a lion
Heart is scattered in pieces mosaic
Bishop in cathedral ushered the confession
Eating my damn mind like maniac
I sang about others
The one I couldn’t quite name
I sin I revel in my blunders
Baptized my tears only in the rain

I said

He said my talent should come at a price

It was like he knew his charm would suffice

For the aesthetics of a piece

In one piece together to bring me peace

Vanity is derogatory in a sense

I had none left I gave conceit to the tense

My other sister is broken and torn

From the seeds of devastation my love was born

It took me a while, I get lost in the semantics

My eyes are so friendly to the demons that run frantic

It is rare to leave a settlement amicable

Letters are thrown into meanings profusely unattainable

So I say i find my niche in picturesque interests that die

How can I truly survive when my other lives a lie


Just like what exists in the past

Today I have to live past it

Maudlin moments interspersed

The cool breeze left to escape

Shivers of fleeting emotion

I don’t have much in a day

Young rainbows and blue unicorns

Kettles and doll debris

How slow my song plays

The sound moves close to me

Apparently the sun shines softly

The horizon in her sunset

There’s only one child in her blaze

Come for me again

Come for me while I’m remembering

A people

We say we are a people, a known collective

We parade in our freedoms and equal perspectives

The more we bring ourselves together is the more we separate

We look into society mirrors only to infiltrate

Social norms conform to the socialist

I too have been called beauty but I still see the root of it

Even though mine is natural it’s still the pandemic

A disease compelling mortals to mould themselves ceramic

It all begins with peace, a greater love causes no erosion

When devotion is a notion

We create a world still breathless in real emotion

The differences should bind us, never bring us to blind us

Which oxygen are we reacting producing such irons of human rust

Beauty is not a craft but a mere conduct

We are likened to God in his image we become a divine result

So as the specie we need a clearer dialect

Our perceptions are illusions, for beauty is never a fact.


There you are

Making me believe in love at first sight

You must be in awe looking at me from afar

What is it that intrigues you so slight

Am I the girl in the enemy of your diction

Am I the musketeer of constellation Orion

I too found a star worth the conviction

I too met a beast amongst prideful  lions

I just want to be your beauty your white in the snow

Quite charming my prince, the suitor of eternity

I can’t tell if you are the light in this heavenly glow

So I propose we dine and call up all the residents

For when the paths enclose us I will be forever thine

I crave you are right with your gazing hope in the series of events

I must reach you in the cause of all doubtful time

I have to hold you now in desire that you’ll  be mine

Send me a post from the mailbox of your affections

I’m wishful at the thought and suddenly cautious of what I’ll find

I write alot of words but I’ll stay mindful of your selection.


Best friend, sex bed, the love in my life, all the names couldn’t make it different

We were casualties of time a love of the instant

Rebels gone astray, walking on the moon

What made us both slightly sober came too soon in the noon

To be the you I speak of and the I in your song

When a greeting meets a stranger and the voyage comes along

Conscious in these moments we could never tell apart

I think mine was yours  because in you was forever a sincere heart

lucid villains drunk in the true verse of blasphemy

Words were young, only stolen to serve profanity

Danger was us together, damn your eyes in my infinite astrology

Telepathic engagement all but our human strategy

Hungry loves creep near and bounce off this energy

My room is a dump site filled with your till death do us part eulogies

Just love letters I wrote and killed after time

I know I’m working backwards but our love was the decline

So if you are alone I am too dreaming  alone

In the loneliness of our singulars it is there we are home