We find ourselves in conquest

Half measures curse the subject

Just crude enough to waver

You only relish moments we savour

Human strength from her pure core

Signals of truths , we hide we abhor

The predator is ready, punctual and  agile

Prey before the maker, prey becomes fragile

Languishing at the mercy of all you others

Take back your throne the morals of our mother’s

Everything I spoke, you let it speak

Now that I’m here my success suddenly reeks

I  hold a person to find them brittle

Their minds are ticking suitable and fickle

Your bones your china I held with care

To find another person, the beginning finds you rare

How many more people are there in a person

How less a blessing is the next lesson

Sharing vain lives is a means to an end

Quick decline, the life you are in haste to lend


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