A people

We say we are a people, a known collective

We parade in our freedoms and equal perspectives

The more we bring ourselves together is the more we separate

We look into society mirrors only to infiltrate

Social norms conform to the socialist

I too have been called beauty but I still see the root of it

Even though mine is natural it’s still the pandemic

A disease compelling mortals to mould themselves ceramic

It all begins with peace, a greater love causes no erosion

When devotion is a notion

We create a world still breathless in real emotion

The differences should bind us, never bring us to blind us

Which oxygen are we reacting producing such irons of human rust

Beauty is not a craft but a mere conduct

We are likened to God in his image we become a divine result

So as the specie we need a clearer dialect

Our perceptions are illusions, for beauty is never a fact.


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