There you are

Making me believe in love at first sight

You must be in awe looking at me from afar

What is it that intrigues you so slight

Am I the girl in the enemy of your diction

Am I the musketeer of constellation Orion

I too found a star worth the conviction

I too met a beast amongst prideful  lions

I just want to be your beauty your white in the snow

Quite charming my prince, the suitor of eternity

I can’t tell if you are the light in this heavenly glow

So I propose we dine and call up all the residents

For when the paths enclose us I will be forever thine

I crave you are right with your gazing hope in the series of events

I must reach you in the cause of all doubtful time

I have to hold you now in desire that you’ll  be mine

Send me a post from the mailbox of your affections

I’m wishful at the thought and suddenly cautious of what I’ll find

I write alot of words but I’ll stay mindful of your selection.


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