Best friend, sex bed, the love in my life, all the names couldn’t make it different

We were casualties of time a love of the instant

Rebels gone astray, walking on the moon

What made us both slightly sober came too soon in the noon

To be the you I speak of and the I in your song

When a greeting meets a stranger and the voyage comes along

Conscious in these moments we could never tell apart

I think mine was yours  because in you was forever a sincere heart

lucid villains drunk in the true verse of blasphemy

Words were young, only stolen to serve profanity

Danger was us together, damn your eyes in my infinite astrology

Telepathic engagement all but our human strategy

Hungry loves creep near and bounce off this energy

My room is a dump site filled with your till death do us part eulogies

Just love letters I wrote and killed after time

I know I’m working backwards but our love was the decline

So if you are alone I am too dreaming  alone

In the loneliness of our singulars it is there we are home


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