From my hair, the whiskers come alive dancing in a mane

From my eyes, the magnetic fervour beholds galactic spheres

From my lips, divine and ripe the  wise leave a stain

From my skin, the pores breathe color caramel filters

From my hands, careless technique  in contour design

From my blood, splashes of heart in the systems of existence

From my feet, like a tongue in its feature, the feet are my road signs

From my brain, arrows of sensation bodies of intelligence

From my lungs, my life makes way in a nostril moist in matter

From my legs, muscles curve steady for the beat

From my hips, how the sway gives posture to my stature

From my back, a structure of bone a column the body needs

The biography of anatomy in its beauty and its being

From the soil of the earth and the winds of the sky

A brave sculpture a vivid painting worth the singing

A girl transformed in the magical prowess of a butterfly.


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