Insomnia Undead

My wonder pirouettes the subtle cancerous fight

I can’t touch the dark, I can’t feel the  roots

The insomnia looks askance running  afoul of the night

Impenetrable and furtive it plans the recruits

Alone in its own accord it roams close to endearment

Cavalier of the unseen like the nobles of the centuries

In the belly of the beast, in the hinges of abandonment

Still is the hour in the birth of  dawns’ ancestries

Veins plucked out of remnant eyes

Insomnia whispers close what the devil lies

People sin in the city where the sun dies

Insomnia crawls and caresses the human and animal cries

The brain ticks against the ominous  silence

Nails scratch and pray for unmedicated sleep

The minutes in between count only as the mileage

You knocked on its door once and now it sows what it reaps.


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