Bench sitting my own happiness

I felt the ambience of sadness

I’ve turned around like an autumn leaf

I think life is more of what you perceive

People look up to me you know

They say I am life and living is what I owe

I couldn’t hold such great monuments of inspiration

When I was still lost in the shallow end of devastation

I thought about many that I adore

Nothing was binding me to the physical law

Sometimes your lovely ones inflict the soreness

Can’t fault them when their road is also a progress

So I held on to them and said

From now on it’s us till the closing  end

I will be in the sunshine

If you need me for your shine

I will be in the rain

If you need me to numb the pain

I will be in your mind

If I’m hard to find

I will hold your arm

So deceiving what’s to come

I will be the life I was heavenly given

To expose the beauty in how we are suppose to be living.


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