A people

We say we are a people, a known collective

We parade in our freedoms and equal perspectives

The more we bring ourselves together is the more we separate

We look into society mirrors only to infiltrate

Social norms conform to the socialist

I too have been called beauty but I still see the root of it

Even though mine is natural it’s still the pandemic

A disease compelling mortals to mould themselves ceramic

It all begins with peace, a greater love causes no erosion

When devotion is a notion

We create a world still breathless in real emotion

The differences should bind us, never bring us to blind us

Which oxygen are we reacting producing such irons of human rust

Beauty is not a craft but a mere conduct

We are likened to God in his image we become a divine result

So as the specie we need a clearer dialect

Our perceptions are illusions, for beauty is never a fact.



There you are

Making me believe in love at first sight

You must be in awe looking at me from afar

What is it that intrigues you so slight

Am I the girl in the enemy of your diction

Am I the musketeer of constellation Orion

I too found a star worth the conviction

I too met a beast amongst prideful  lions

I just want to be your beauty your white in the snow

Quite charming my prince, the suitor of eternity

I can’t tell if you are the light in this heavenly glow

So I propose we dine and call up all the residents

For when the paths enclose us I will be forever thine

I crave you are right with your gazing hope in the series of events

I must reach you in the cause of all doubtful time

I have to hold you now in desire that you’ll  be mine

Send me a post from the mailbox of your affections

I’m wishful at the thought and suddenly cautious of what I’ll find

I write alot of words but I’ll stay mindful of your selection.


Best friend, sex bed, the love in my life, all the names couldn’t make it different

We were casualties of time a love of the instant

Rebels gone astray, walking on the moon

What made us both slightly sober came too soon in the noon

To be the you I speak of and the I in your song

When a greeting meets a stranger and the voyage comes along

Conscious in these moments we could never tell apart

I think mine was yours  because in you was forever a sincere heart

lucid villains drunk in the true verse of blasphemy

Words were young, only stolen to serve profanity

Danger was us together, damn your eyes in my infinite astrology

Telepathic engagement all but our human strategy

Hungry loves creep near and bounce off this energy

My room is a dump site filled with your till death do us part eulogies

Just love letters I wrote and killed after time

I know I’m working backwards but our love was the decline

So if you are alone I am too dreaming  alone

In the loneliness of our singulars it is there we are home


From my hair, the whiskers come alive dancing in a mane

From my eyes, the magnetic fervour beholds galactic spheres

From my lips, divine and ripe the  wise leave a stain

From my skin, the pores breathe color caramel filters

From my hands, careless technique  in contour design

From my blood, splashes of heart in the systems of existence

From my feet, like a tongue in its feature, the feet are my road signs

From my brain, arrows of sensation bodies of intelligence

From my lungs, my life makes way in a nostril moist in matter

From my legs, muscles curve steady for the beat

From my hips, how the sway gives posture to my stature

From my back, a structure of bone a column the body needs

The biography of anatomy in its beauty and its being

From the soil of the earth and the winds of the sky

A brave sculpture a vivid painting worth the singing

A girl transformed in the magical prowess of a butterfly.


How I was yours more than i was mine

Like you and I were symmetry and casual lines

Is this the way love is suppose to go

If I saw yours again would it be so

Everything calamity but your posture in my brain

Everytime I hear of me I see you and I am sane

I believe in art, my memory writes

You could never die, your love is my might

Timelessly my fancy I am banished away

It is you I desired, it is in you I would stay

No longer as I know you burn me still

The treason comes and my love is your kill

In Distance is where I mate with your soul

For now they should make you happy, I perceive it is where you are whole

My vapour was our fire in waters of  sea

If this was where we were parted, it is here I will be.

Insomnia Undead

My wonder pirouettes the subtle cancerous fight

I can’t touch the dark, I can’t feel the  roots

The insomnia looks askance running  afoul of the night

Impenetrable and furtive it plans the recruits

Alone in its own accord it roams close to endearment

Cavalier of the unseen like the nobles of the centuries

In the belly of the beast, in the hinges of abandonment

Still is the hour in the birth of  dawns’ ancestries

Veins plucked out of remnant eyes

Insomnia whispers close what the devil lies

People sin in the city where the sun dies

Insomnia crawls and caresses the human and animal cries

The brain ticks against the ominous  silence

Nails scratch and pray for unmedicated sleep

The minutes in between count only as the mileage

You knocked on its door once and now it sows what it reaps.


Bench sitting my own happiness

I felt the ambience of sadness

I’ve turned around like an autumn leaf

I think life is more of what you perceive

People look up to me you know

They say I am life and living is what I owe

I couldn’t hold such great monuments of inspiration

When I was still lost in the shallow end of devastation

I thought about many that I adore

Nothing was binding me to the physical law

Sometimes your lovely ones inflict the soreness

Can’t fault them when their road is also a progress

So I held on to them and said

From now on it’s us till the closing  end

I will be in the sunshine

If you need me for your shine

I will be in the rain

If you need me to numb the pain

I will be in your mind

If I’m hard to find

I will hold your arm

So deceiving what’s to come

I will be the life I was heavenly given

To expose the beauty in how we are suppose to be living.