Living the word

My words’ immortality baptizes you

I see them drinkin’  sour spirits

That type ain’t the type to save you

You need that clear water to lift your spirit

The growth in age ages us

We call for more days under the sun

These bars become home in them we trust

I said let my bars forgive you and what you’ve done

We always want the truth but escape the realities

Deception visions a stage of actors

To hide you from all your savoured insanities

Life and its lessons are all but human factors

Allowing my people to dangle all scattered

My words don’t point fingers or hold any blame

I hope what I say will matter to the masses

Those letters that hurt carve you just the same

I know they say find peace within a soul

Everyone does it easy, some of us battle a little more

Facades of faces, the role a hole holds

Today my brain is restless

Restless like an old woman’s joints

Joints covered by decades of menacing sickness

Hear the hope of a gospel that slowly anoints

Wear my words awake today and for all remaining days

Undressed I shall promise to stay

Only pale nakedness paves the righteous way


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