Think about it

Was I not honest my brother

When I asked you to love

To find me as pure as innocence

Once crippled by your father

Was I not real enough

When I held you up

Like the second after birth

A hidden diamond in the rough

Was I not empty already

When you took a stand boy

To disrespect what created you

To leave a wound vacant and heavy

Was I not in your lust

To evade the scavenger of the mile

To not be lied too or laid on

To see you ascend as ash from the dust

Was I not clear

When I told you I was a nation

A mother and a child

A queen in my own right

Never yours to vacation

Was I not ready

When I called your name

To be your saviour

With steady curves fused by beauty

Was I not free

Not as a state of mind

But as a dying tide

When I left you in me


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