No matter how accustomed we get

We can never befriend death

Lonely like the creature

It comes in servitude to its master

Disdain iced in its mystical breath

The dictator, meditating on the unleashed wrath

Death never forgives, seldom forgets

It visits the weary the ones posing regret

Dressed in dark violet apparel

Illuminated by the realms of heaven and hell

The songs are morbid and certainly presumptuous

Death preys on life, sinners are most scrumptious

I tried to meet her once

Slit my wrists and let the bloods join us in a trance

She was draped in her cold

She had crept into my brain like fungus, a growth of mould

Her presence scared me to her name

They say she is only gentle to the lame

Even so I’ve never witnessed such brutal acquaintance

Bringing pain to the weak in travelling distance

When she takes her own so as to depart

Death steals your soul, your beating heart

Don’t try to pay off all linking debts

Death has no preferences when it comes to collect


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