Possession stays and like obsession it prays

Two moments with yours truly

We’re gone just like a journey to go

Destiny drives deadly destinations

A moment with us a while ago

Collecting a pile of stitchless lacerations

My flesh always leaves

To gain some sense of relief

My bones are spears against it

Yet the spirit always resurrects the dead

Like messages left behind to be retrieved

A corpse to my own mind

Bent over and under the bend

Captive in my own ruthless desires

Emotions are twisted potions

Memories are meant for the mourning

Person and prison in these clustered seizures

You know what it’s like

I think you’re in the moon most times

In the sweaty shade of the sun

In the rhythm and blues of the sky

In the fuel of my ruby red wagon

Burning and igniting like fresh blisters in reverence

My orbit

Day dream universe


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