I call to you

My friend, our togetherness

I miss you in all your truthfulness

My lover apart from me

I see you running wild and free

My dad brittle and used

I hear you cry from being bruised

My mother tired and proud

I comfort you with calm voices loud

My enemy with relentless attempts

I dent you with my victory scent

My child so innocent and brave

I clothe you so to never become societies adolescent slave

My brother afraid and irate

I hold you to grow to a better state

My sister young and busy

I hide you from the lust that makes one dizzy

My old ones wise and well-suited

I honor you for your teachings that are still well rooted

My country nourished and African

I abide to you like an ancient san man

My people bending and working

I live with you as your formations that stay lurking

You, wondering as you roam

I love you for the heart that became everyone’s home

My God almighty and merciful

I pray to you for blessings that rest so powerful


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