Living the word

My words’ immortality baptizes you

I see them drinkin’ ┬ásour spirits

That type ain’t the type to save you

You need that clear water to lift your spirit

The growth in age ages us

We call for more days under the sun

These bars become home in them we trust

I said let my bars forgive you and what you’ve done

We always want the truth but escape the realities

Deception visions a stage of actors

To hide you from all your savoured insanities

Life and its lessons are all but human factors

Allowing my people to dangle all scattered

My words don’t point fingers or hold any blame

I hope what I say will matter to the masses

Those letters that hurt carve you just the same

I know they say find peace within a soul

Everyone does it easy, some of us battle a little more

Facades of faces, the role a hole holds

Today my brain is restless

Restless like an old woman’s joints

Joints covered by decades of menacing sickness

Hear the hope of a gospel that slowly anoints

Wear my words awake today and for all remaining days

Undressed I shall promise to stay

Only pale nakedness paves the righteous way


Think about it

Was I not honest my brother

When I asked you to love

To find me as pure as innocence

Once crippled by your father

Was I not real enough

When I held you up

Like the second after birth

A hidden diamond in the rough

Was I not empty already

When you took a stand boy

To disrespect what created you

To leave a wound vacant and heavy

Was I not in your lust

To evade the scavenger of the mile

To not be lied too or laid on

To see you ascend as ash from the dust

Was I not clear

When I told you I was a nation

A mother and a child

A queen in my own right

Never yours to vacation

Was I not ready

When I called your name

To be your saviour

With steady curves fused by beauty

Was I not free

Not as a state of mind

But as a dying tide

When I left you in me


No matter how accustomed we get

We can never befriend death

Lonely like the creature

It comes in servitude to its master

Disdain iced in its mystical breath

The dictator, meditating on the unleashed wrath

Death never forgives, seldom forgets

It visits the weary the ones posing regret

Dressed in dark violet apparel

Illuminated by the realms of heaven and hell

The songs are morbid and certainly presumptuous

Death preys on life, sinners are most scrumptious

I tried to meet her once

Slit my wrists and let the bloods join us in a trance

She was draped in her cold

She had crept into my brain like fungus, a growth of mould

Her presence scared me to her name

They say she is only gentle to the lame

Even so I’ve never witnessed such brutal acquaintance

Bringing pain to the weak in travelling distance

When she takes her own so as to depart

Death steals your soul, your beating heart

Don’t try to pay off all linking debts

Death has no preferences when it comes to collect


Possession stays and like obsession it prays

Two moments with yours truly

We’re gone just like a journey to go

Destiny drives deadly destinations

A moment with us a while ago

Collecting a pile of stitchless lacerations

My flesh always leaves

To gain some sense of relief

My bones are spears against it

Yet the spirit always resurrects the dead

Like messages left behind to be retrieved

A corpse to my own mind

Bent over and under the bend

Captive in my own ruthless desires

Emotions are twisted potions

Memories are meant for the mourning

Person and prison in these clustered seizures

You know what it’s like

I think you’re in the moon most times

In the sweaty shade of the sun

In the rhythm and blues of the sky

In the fuel of my ruby red wagon

Burning and igniting like fresh blisters in reverence

My orbit

Day dream universe


Behold he goes before you

He says do not fear my child

For I have paved your way in all you do

Though the days might grow tender, harsh or mild

I have made the way

Though you may stumble and fall

You need not fear to pray

I assure you I have seen your future through it all

A future bright in light

This is because he is God our father&protector

We stay in his sight

Merciful as the maker

He forgiveth all our transgressions

Building us from the smallest grains of sands

We are here from a higher consciousness

As he strengthens everything just as planned

The word stays cemented in truth

We must put our trust in the lord

With grace empty hearts find reasons to sooth

His love is an endless energy supplying cord.

I call to you

My friend, our togetherness

I miss you in all your truthfulness

My lover apart from me

I see you running wild and free

My dad brittle and used

I hear you cry from being bruised

My mother tired and proud

I comfort you with calm voices loud

My enemy with relentless attempts

I dent you with my victory scent

My child so innocent and brave

I clothe you so to never become societies adolescent slave

My brother afraid and irate

I hold you to grow to a better state

My sister young and busy

I hide you from the lust that makes one dizzy

My old ones wise and well-suited

I honor you for your teachings that are still well rooted

My country nourished and African

I abide to you like an ancient san man

My people bending and working

I live with you as your formations that stay lurking

You, wondering as you roam

I love you for the heart that became everyone’s home

My God almighty and merciful

I pray to you for blessings that rest so powerful

The Poet

They say poets are sad and nearly miserable

Yet most find them elusive and quite desirable

A poet is a writer a master of creation

A skillful being behind the words of temptation

Their careful art is tainted with emotion

The flow from unavailable fingers  cursed by devotion

Arcane sensations that remain vocal and vain

The Doltish expectation to prevail as humanly sane

The noble lords hath named you passionate and crude

So from the produce of thy work you possess succulent brain food

An imbecile to the weight of love, anger and hate

Wiser than the years cowardly fit to translate

As deep as the pores of the descending ocean

As crafty as the young in their opening motion

Why would they dare to describe an entity so fair

Poets are the people who are smitten with seasons of intense care