Her feet always carry me to a other-worldly place

A bench that disturbs the stillness of a night

To a girl silently wrapped in black whimsical lace

A Mysterious camouflage of air takes cover at sight

The trees are whistling quiet without warning

Whispering streams secret in their get away

She sits young, enchanted in her mourning

Encircled by creatures with butterfly statures begging for her stay

The closer I appeared the clearer the tale

She is the princess of the ever after things, fairies and dust

I stood in blankets of magical hail

Yet still in such a trail i found myself at lust

My frozen finger tips kissed the side of her rosy face

I felt years of commonplace suddenly resonate

Bold and beautiful she turned by a touch so to trace

I rose in disbelief it was i, my destiny bound to her fate.


One thought on “Fairytale

  1. The beauty of this poem is that it links perfectly in its nature surroundings.

    The flow the discreption are all so wonderful…I can picture it in my mind


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