Here I am resting as quiet as i lie

Restless in thoughts of you and I

I can’t seem to hold us just to keep you in

I’m poignant in hope as I’ve ever been

What troubles me once will forever more

Be the depth of my wounds,a dent to my core

I want your love as pure as the break of day

A feeling without betrayal for that to God i pray

Yet I feel your tenderness it creeps so near

It is your effortless confusion that I do fear

So here I am having been a subtle flame

Only to find you and I are quite the same

My trust is low it flickers to stay a light

I’ve been bruised so long, how can I stand to fight

In this new stanza I make you an anchor

For deep waters flow abiding to this sailor

Bring us to shore, safe in mans’ honor

Being devoured by a wave, I surrender to no longer


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