Count on me

I won’t dare call this affection

For if I summon it, I’ll suffer unwilling dedication

I pluck out the daggers from a combined reaction

The openings bleed,infesting  defecation

Slither my tongue take my muse by the palm

Mutated flows of sinking holes

My love wishes no spoil no hallowed harm

Latched attachments through  preceding roles.

My seekers of truth remain luscious in condensed form

Only promises came sure while posing as senile

Calm winds caress this tender decrepit storm

I am a world destined to a conundrum of denial

I stay clothed by exemplary hope

A cape made a warrior of an itinerant dame

Long and tyrant my arms wither like death rope

By now the devotion becomes doddery as the limbs of a lame.


2 thoughts on “Count on me

  1. Now this is the type of poem that one reads standing on the mountain , with wind blowing and think about life.
    Has a deep meaning to it

    Really enjoyed reading it, I like the rhyme scheme…could make a rap song out of it 😉

    An absolutely amazing poem

    Liked by 1 person

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