My body was restless in agony

I felt the river of blood rushing on course

My breath departed in a sad symphony

I held myself near, it’d be better to stay close

My mind grew stale and filthy

As my limbs stood arrogant and free

My thoughts began a motion so stealthy

I visioned the war take ahold of me

It had begun the race against time

Running to save any bit of life

My ripper instincts had stolen my prime

I let the destruction conquer and  proudly strive

In dormant reasoning I lost my fight

I was nibbling on bitter circumstance

I tol’ the voices they were chewing on more than I could bite

By chance I let loose, admiring my demons’ malicious dance.


2 thoughts on “Tremors

  1. Really eye opening..
    The way the poet opens up to the reader..
    Being born into a world that rejects in all ways fighting a losing battle …but finds peace in all that has happened ……I don’t know .. .

    Liked by 1 person

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