Woman to wolf

Once in the savage of a wolf

You howled to a bare moon

Asinine conviction upon a ruptured roof

Spun and newborn you stay cocooned

Frantic in wonder, static you ponder

Releasing threnodies in diligent melodies

The hunt sprouts near while you grow aggressively fonder

Untamed in ambition you propagate evident felonies

You stand on hind legs steady, clear to the head

An animal in a state, rising on instinct

They can’t hold you back, put a saddle on them instead

Your chase is too profound, a level too distinct


The wounded

Does it hurt

Do you wish for it to end

Answer this first

Do you imagine soon it’ll have to mend

But don’t you know

It’s been a feeling lurking on by

You by self appointed this foe

Come now tattered i’ve said this with a sigh

Can you read good time

As a deliverer it heals you proud

With laments through songs and rings of ancient chimes

Your love is chained, it cries like a wounded hound.

When I was young

When I was young

I’d stare at the sun rays crashing into the kitchen mug

In bed I’d stay just to keep my feet all snug

I prounced in a flare protesting fragile resemblance to my porcelain dolls’ skin

A girl carefree as the word had ever been

When I was young

I’d hold my family like an hour glass in motion with the sands

The memories coupled in the smallest of hands

I’d shout to the winds to gently nudge at me

To throw my body swiftly for the world to see

When I was young

I’d plead with the ants to create their voetjie-voetjie gestures

My grandfather was an old man but Peterpan in stature

The edges of a hammer seemed significant and powerful

Distorting nature while carving something as beautiful

When I was young

Numbers and symbols became  one musical note

Summer showers always made it in time for my flowery coat

My words were flimsy with a heart that was wild

I germinate in her spirit as a grown up child.


Her feet always carry me to a other-worldly place

A bench that disturbs the stillness of a night

To a girl silently wrapped in black whimsical lace

A Mysterious camouflage of air takes cover at sight

The trees are whistling quiet without warning

Whispering streams secret in their get away

She sits young, enchanted in her mourning

Encircled by creatures with butterfly statures begging for her stay

The closer I appeared the clearer the tale

She is the princess of the ever after things, fairies and dust

I stood in blankets of magical hail

Yet still in such a trail i found myself at lust

My frozen finger tips kissed the side of her rosy face

I felt years of commonplace suddenly resonate

Bold and beautiful she turned by a touch so to trace

I rose in disbelief it was i, my destiny bound to her fate.


Here I am resting as quiet as i lie

Restless in thoughts of you and I

I can’t seem to hold us just to keep you in

I’m poignant in hope as I’ve ever been

What troubles me once will forever more

Be the depth of my wounds,a dent to my core

I want your love as pure as the break of day

A feeling without betrayal for that to God i pray

Yet I feel your tenderness it creeps so near

It is your effortless confusion that I do fear

So here I am having been a subtle flame

Only to find you and I are quite the same

My trust is low it flickers to stay a light

I’ve been bruised so long, how can I stand to fight

In this new stanza I make you an anchor

For deep waters flow abiding to this sailor

Bring us to shore, safe in mans’ honor

Being devoured by a wave, I surrender to no longer

Count on me

I won’t dare call this affection

For if I summon it, I’ll suffer unwilling dedication

I pluck out the daggers from a combined reaction

The openings bleed,infesting  defecation

Slither my tongue take my muse by the palm

Mutated flows of sinking holes

My love wishes no spoil no hallowed harm

Latched attachments through  preceding roles.

My seekers of truth remain luscious in condensed form

Only promises came sure while posing as senile

Calm winds caress this tender decrepit storm

I am a world destined to a conundrum of denial

I stay clothed by exemplary hope

A cape made a warrior of an itinerant dame

Long and tyrant my arms wither like death rope

By now the devotion becomes doddery as the limbs of a lame.


My body was restless in agony

I felt the river of blood rushing on course

My breath departed in a sad symphony

I held myself near, it’d be better to stay close

My mind grew stale and filthy

As my limbs stood arrogant and free

My thoughts began a motion so stealthy

I visioned the war take ahold of me

It had begun the race against time

Running to save any bit of life

My ripper instincts had stolen my prime

I let the destruction conquer and  proudly strive

In dormant reasoning I lost my fight

I was nibbling on bitter circumstance

I tol’ the voices they were chewing on more than I could bite

By chance I let loose, admiring my demons’ malicious dance.

Light Skin

In a world that was similar

I met a boy and he was different

His smell came made familiar

My eyes met his in a trance that died insistent

We spoke of a lot of things that we couldn’t comprehend

Young and damaged we proclaim as sane

Just so together we could barely attempt to mend

Like bruised rubble in the damned rain

Fortunate for braille we blindly connect

As I left my finger prints on goosebump skin

Not holding you eternally was my only regret

Undying love bathe this heavenly sin

You are the meniscus wave to my drowning mind

The truth summoned by a uniform history

I can’t go a day without my wonderwall bind

You remain embedded to me as an unfolding mystery.