Indeed I

Indeed we fell for the love in each other

Once just an old mistletoe song

This is my mate I had said to my father

Only I believed our love was a journey that was life strong

You tore me apart, like a voiceless stutter you let me tear

Pulled out every stitch fixated on one vein

For then it was all I could fathom, all I could bare

Just suddenly you dispersed I caught sight of you on another lane

I crave for you on the fortunate side

I found the eye you had hid from me

I called to you, This Bonnie is missing her Clyde

The careless time it took to lose a key

One such note left stranded by the guitar

Couldn’t you hear the beating

I despise the existence even thus far

Yet again I find your touch at me and feeding

I was lingering, sticky as lingerie to a mans’ finger

The Impulsive thought kept helping itself

I could’ve sworn my valve a singer

Snow white and the selfish elf

You murderer and I so capable

What a passionate covenant

The innocent victim and the deadly untouchable

You played me mysterious that of an ornament

I’ve remained in this vision less blurr

Clothe me with your naked infidelities

You come so silky and thick like furr

Oh boy what a life you sold, as i play over all our memories


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