Queen of swords

Queen of swords

Young blood, rich in color

Glides to the forefront awaiting service

Uttered presences they smile in honor

The voices untangle leaving a trail of hearses’

Bodies of armour at sight of the Queen of swords

Daylight karma for the Knight of the night

People as animals I seen them in herds

Called upon their sentencing crimes of love deserve a fight

The reign of my mouth, my tongue in combat

I kneel to devour all those who take to be challenged

Metal burnt in the scars at impact

Flesh of immortal stained and avenged

I tell them once again this stays my kingdom

I am the winteress cold and merciless

I am quite powerful as I pass down my wisdom

My words are dominant and remain faceless.

Who dares to come near this pulsating fortress

They remain at distance misguided and aware

Here the Queen of swords becomes the words potent mistress.

The audience are left bruised by a brooding stare.


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