Perpetual Horrors

I’ve been sleeping with a monster

He built this bed to taunt me robe me

He was my messiah, came in to hold my body

I’ve got you I’ve got you by decree

Stealing every degree of life he kept at like a hobby

It was mainly my shame, my pain

All the accolades he held against the mind

To him  i was fickle and  insane

In him a home alone I’d desire to find

It was all well and good when he was attentive

Until he started eating away  at my soul

He had many lives quite in collective

I burned in my own decay, the darkness dug in like a hole

I’m sleeping with the monster I said

I hid under a cry of haunting mercy

Who cares he laughed just go to bed.

Dear devil is my name but you can call me Percy.


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