Divine life

Cry river of the earth

When she cries that’s really when she feels defeated.

When tears roll down her cheeks that’s when she feels like she’s watching her soul cremated.

Honestly when she sobs it’s usually the galaxy fighting with the universe.

Just so both entities feel like it’s her they serve.

She can show emotion anywhere in time

Though that’s when she needs to be alone to polish up this dime

Yes ofcourse people won’t understand, they don’t know this pain, it comes as sweat from an empty gland

She’s so magic so beautiful if you watch that teardrop

It slides like dew on a mountain top, she loves so much

She lets her insanity love her touch, don’t be afraid to see her shed

Let her weep for a minute in all that’s said.

Just know she is creating much more than your humane self can comprehend

It’s a time when  an angel is made to magnificently mend


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