African lust

My African love

Let me love you like I know how.

Let me love you like an African woman

With this imperfect love boy

Cause if I were perfect you wouldn’t want me

I would have no curves or this round bum that sticks out of my small body

As I stand with these big lips that speak of an African struggle

Boy let me love you with my brown skin because I know you love this brown skin

Doesn’t it remind you of this African soil you grew up staining yourself with

Let me love you with my overly analysed intelligence

Like how can she be so smart

Do they know this brown is what makes me smile as I look at my brothers and fall with depth

Let me love you with this free heart This deep complicated feeling

Let me love you like I’ve loved my natural thick hair

The way it glistens in the sun like the pyramids of Egypt.

Let me give you African love..


2 thoughts on “African lust

  1. I really enjoyed reading this poem, its so original and true. Times have changed now a days, everything seems to be less original with all the weaves, make up, social media lifestyle etc. It would be so nice to go back in time and fall in love with someone original, someone who is not afraid to show his/her roots, someone who is imperfect in the most perfect way.
    Well done Phila. Take care

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