The so cold

When I was alone

When I was left alone, I fell together

Their love had me shivering

and trapped

I let myself forget only to remember

Time had my life directed and mapped

I knew I had to get away from their cage

People and pain were very much related

I had to be co-dependent to a life on a stage

As soon as my flaws became a person instated

I saw the promised affection  fade

All that they gave was in condition

Feelings and family were created to be made

Produced and destroyed for partial audition

I tol’ myself i’ll be alright, on my own

Tears never solved crimes in anything

I was melting, breaking away like a cream cone

I watched them eat slowly choking on everything

I had dust and crumbs from the constant crumbling

Their illusion of a home was an outcome quite similar

The experience was  humbling

Taught me never to love a love that seemed familiar

Reality is real only to those who die to create

I could never be quite as  buoyant

It was there in my dream i stayed a phoenix in a flame like state.

Burned by those i adorned, that girl in a pageant

Ashes my home, a heart with knife marks lavishly lashed

Lost in a storm created in absence only for a soul by the notorious to be casually cashed.


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