Too Flawed

Too flawed for you
My vagabond heart was loathed in madness
I wanted everything veiled by an incomplete nothing
The more I loved you, the more I varnished your sadness
I’ve tried to shield you from the burn of my lightning
Deep into the abyss I left you sound
It is there I cannot cut you and leave you spilt
I’m flawed by the beast that turns my sweet romances around
My walls were fickle but highly built
In the ruins of nostalgia it is here I abide
Waiting for these moments to trickle past
It was only us that I let divide
In death my love is revived to find you at last


A type of Woman

She was afraid of the skies

Yet she lay unapologetic to the world

It was anonymous beauty,sweet harmonies the perfect goodbyes

Everyone could be minding their own

She’d come by in a circus

Delicate as a rose but strong as bone

They could never hear the intricate bellow of her walk

She had been estranged

The winds had blown too far down that hawk

Yet she owned the universe

Carried her wounds as a shield

Her creative intelligence was but a curse

Her destiny had been sealed

Careful she is now in the present day

She is extraordinary I’d say


Indeed I

Indeed we fell for the love in each other

Once just an old mistletoe song

This is my mate I had said to my father

Only I believed our love was a journey that was life strong

You tore me apart, like a voiceless stutter you let me tear

Pulled out every stitch fixated in one vein

For then it was all I could fathom, all I could bare

Just suddenly you dispersed I caught sight of you on another lane

I crave for you on the fortunate side

I found the eye you had hid from me

I called to you, This Bonny is missing her Clyde

The careless time it took to lose a key

One such note left stranded by the guitar

Couldn’t you hear the beating

I despise the existence even thus far

Yet again I find your touch at me and ravishly feeding

I was lingering, sticky as lingerie to a mans’ finger

The Impulsive thought kept helping itself

I could’ve sworn my valve a singer

Snow white and the selfish elf

You murderer and I so capable

What a passionate covenant

The innocent victim and the deadly untouchable

You played me mysterious that of an ornament

I’ve remained in this vision less blurr

Clothe me with your naked infidelities

You come so silky and thick like furr

Oh boy what a life you sold, as i play over all our memories

Queen of swords

Queen of swords

Young blood, rich in color

Glides to the forefront awaiting service

Uttered presences they smile in honor

The voices untangle leaving a trail of hearses’

Bodied armour at sight of the Queen of swords

Daylight karma for the Knight of the night

People as animals I seen them in herds

Called upon their sentencing crimes of love deserve a fight

The reign of my mouth, my tongue in combat

I kneel to devour all those who take to be challenged

Scrapes of metal burnt in the scars at impact

Flesh of immortal stained and avenged

I tell them once again this stays my kingdom

I am the winteress cold and merciless

I am quite powerful as I pass down my wisdom

My words are dominant and remain faceless.

Who dares to come near this pulsating fortress

They remain at distance misguided and aware

Here the Queen of swords becomes the words potent mistress.

The audience are left bruised by a brooding stare.


Trapped behind bars of fear

I drown myself in anguished tears

Filthy and weak I stumble to the ground

Blindly following orders without a sound

Chained to the ankles day after day

Thrashed and battered as I lay

As I weep I wail with shame

Whilst my master receives all the fame

Rags of cloth cover my bones

As I listen to His constant moans

He is the ruler of this kingdom

He shall not grant us our freedom

People crying, people dying

Families hurting hear them sighing

Sold for gold we must accept our fate

Our burdens are heavy we are crushed by their weight.

Never quite right

Disturbing attraction

You fit me around love I was always a size too big

A size too small

A size too feisty

A size too broken

A size too beautiful

A size too painful

A size too crazy

A size too magical

Though never quite right

It felt nice loving the unknown

Now you can pack up all your emotions and fantasies

Do try to fit them somewhere else

Undoubtedly that’s who I loved

An ever changing soul

I guess I attracted what I found in myself

The Missing

My love for you

My love for you, the love of you

Ever so unapologetically true

It sticks like a plaster on an infected wound

It ends and begins as I wish it could

It destroys and creates we’ve lost the plot

Falling and crashing are we not

Why was this given to you and I

Two incompetent beings looking on by

We can’t let it go for nothing, for nothing it goes

Boy I’m torn quite never been this close

You laugh with my inside senses

Your beauty stains these contact lenses

I rather my eye be covered by another eye

For without you I am a predictable lie

Fashioned chivalry caught on sight

Can I ask you if we are worth the fight

Perpetual Horrors

I’ve been sleeping with a monster

He built this bed to taunt me robe me

He was my messiah, came in to hold my body

I’ve got you I’ve got you by decree

Stealing every degree of life he kept like a hobby

It was mainly my shame, my pain

All the accolades he held against the mind

To him  i was fickle and sanely insane

In him a home alone I’d desire to find

It was all well and good when he was attentive

Until he started eating away  at my soul

He had many strides of life quite in collective

I burned in my own decay, the darkness dug in like a hole

I’m sleeping with the monster I said

I hid under a cry of haunted mercy

Who cares he laughed just go to bed.

Dear devil is my name but you can call me Percy.

African lust

My African love

Let me love you like I know how.

Let me love you like an African woman

With this imperfect love boy

Cause if I were perfect you wouldn’t want me

I would have no curves or this round bum that sticks out of my small body

As I stand with these big lips that speak of an African struggle

Boy let me love you with my brown skin because I know you love this brown skin

Doesn’t it remind you of this African soil you grew up staining yourself with

Let me love you with my overly analysed intelligence

Like how can she be so smart

Do they know this brown is what makes me smile as I look at my brothers and fall with depth

Let me love you with this free heart This deep complicated feeling

Let me love you like I’ve loved my natural thick hair

The way it glistens in the sun like the pyramids of Egypt.

Let me give you African love..

Divine life

Cry river of the earth

When she cries that’s really when she feels defeated.

When tears roll down her cheeks that’s when she feels like she’s watching her soul cremated.

Honestly when she sobs it’s usually the galaxy fighting with the universe.

Just so both entities feel like it’s her they serve.

She can show emotion anywhere through time

Though that’s when she needs to be alone to polish up this dime.

Yes ofcourse people won’t understand, they don’t know this pain no need for a helping hand.

She’s so magic so beautiful if you watch that teardrop

It slides like dew on a mountain top. She loves so much

She lets her insanity love her touch. Don’t be afraid to see her shed

Let her weep for a minute in all that’s said.

Just know she is creating much more than your humane self can comprehend.

It’s a time when  an angel is made to magnificently mend.